Club Info

Court Lights System

17€1 coins must be used for the light system

€1 = 15 minutes
€2 = 30 minutes
€3 = 45 minutes
€4 = 1 hour
€5 = 1 hour 15 minutes
€6 = 1 hour 30 minutes

The court light boxes are on the wall opposite the entrance to the ladies changing room.

There is a light box for each court and they are numbered to match the courts. Multiple coins may be used at one time.  Our brand new lights start immediately!

Damaged coins may become lodged in the box. Please do not attempt use alternative coins as they will not operate the lights. Inserting coins other I than €1 coins will damage the mechanisms of the boxes and will ultimately result in the increased costs for lights due to mechanisms having to be replaced at a considerable cost.

Club Coaches

Contact details for our coaches:

Alan Ringland 086 077 7903
John Hennessy 087 683 0350
Sorcha Finnegan 085 866 1399

When booking a private session with a club coach, members must ensure that it is booked using the coach’s name in the drop down menu on the booking system, e.g. Coaching Alan

Guests of Club Members

Note the following rules relating to guests who are playing at Tralee Tennis Club with a member:

  1. Members may invite non-members to play in the club as their guests.

  2. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

  3. A non-member may play a maximum of 5 times in the year.

  4. Guest fees are €5 per player or €10 per court.

  5. Before playing, guests must be signed into the Visitors’ Book by the member inviting them.

  6. Guest fees should be paid using the envelopes and letterbox provided. Please write member and guest name on envelope.

  7. Members are responsible for guest compliance with all Tralee Tennis Club rules and policies.