Club Rules

These rules are framed in the spirit of promoting an ethos of respect and high standards of etiquette from all members. Members are required to familiarise themselves with the rules.

9Club Etiquette

  1. Members have a responsibility to contribute to the long-term success and ethos of Tralee Tennis Club. They should treat the courts, the clubhouse and environs with respect and ensure that no damage is caused to club property

  2. Members should behave with courtesy and consideration towards each other in all areas at all times

  3. Food, fizzy drinks or alcohol are not permitted in or around the court area

  4. There is a strict no-smoking policy in the clubhouse and in the court area

  5. Chewing-gum causes damage to the court surface. It is not allowed in the court area or in the clubhouse

  6. Pets are not allowed in the court area or in the clubhouse

  7. The club does not accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen on club premises

  8. Appropriate tennis clothing & footwear must be worn

  9. While the rules allow members to make two booking in the day, members are asked to take into consideration the number of members in the club and to use their discretion when booking courts, particularly at week-ends

Booking Courts

  1. All senior members have equal rights to use the courts on any day or evening. On match and competition days access will be restricted

  2. Courts are booked using the online ebooking system up to 3 days in advance

  3. Peak hours are from 6.30pm-10.30pm Monday – Friday

  4. Members may make a maximum of two bookings per day. These may consist of 2 off-peak or 1 off-peak and 1 peak

  5. A booking may not be more than an hour and a half long. All players must be correctly identified and must play on the court for which they have booked

  6. **Touchscreen not currently in use**
    Prior to using the court, one person from the session must check in on the clubhouse touch- screen using his/her pin number. Failure to do so will register as a ‘no show’ against the players involved in the booking


The club provides access to the clubhouse and courts as follows using an electronic fob system:

  1. Fobs will be issued to paid-up members only

  2. Seniors and students will be issued a senior fob which will provide access to all areas

  3. Family membership will receive 2 senior fobs and a maximum of 1 junior fob

  4. Lost fobs will be replaced on payment of a fee which covers the cost of a new fob

  5. Fobs are for use by members and should not be given to non-members

  6. Please follow fob guidelines for our junior members (see below)

Please be aware that video surveillance cameras are in operation as a means of security within the clubhouse and on the courts. All fob activity is recorded.

Junior Members (Under 18 years )

Tralee Tennis Club has adopted the Tennis Ireland Child Protection Guidelines as its policy in relation to child protection.

  1. Juniors must be supervised by an adult at all times. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure that juniors are not left unattended on the courts, in the clubhouse and, in particular, on the balcony.   A parent/guardian must remain to supervise if a junior is having private coaching

  2. Juniors 13-18 years are issued with a fob which allows access to the courts only

  3. Juniors Under 13 years are not permitted to use fobs

  4. Parents and others who hold senior fobs should not under any circumstances allow these to be used by junior members

  5. Seniors who open the clubhouse to junior members are responsible for providing supervision while these juniors are using the clubhouse

  6. Junior members may use the courts between 8.00am and 6.30pm, except on Saturdays when they may play from 8.00am to 10.30pm

Please note:

  • The onus will always be on parents/guardians to accept responsibility for their children while they are on club property

  • The club does not accept responsibility for juniors unsupervised at any time

  • As a health and safety issue it is important that this ruling is strictly adhered to

 Health and Safety

  1. Appropriate tennis apparel must be worn at all times on the courts

  2. Members are responsible for ensuring that their footwear is suitable for the courts

  3. Players may be asked to leave the courts if wearing unsuitable clothing or footwear.

  4. Please do not use the courts in excessive rain or if there is ice present on the courts. In the event of thunder and lightning or any extreme weather conditions please vacate the courts


  1. Members may invite non-members to play in the club as their guests

  2. Guests must be accompanied by a member

  3. A non-member may play a maximum of 5 times in the year

  4. Guest fees are €5 per player or €10 per court

  5. Before playing, guests must be signed into the Visitors’ Book by the member inviting them

  6. Guest fees should be paid using the envelopes and letterbox provided. Please write member and guest name on the envelope

  7. Members are responsible for guest compliance with all Tralee Tennis Club rules and policies

Use of Clubhouse

  1. The Committee of Tralee Tennis Club is responsible for the management and upkeep of the clubhouse. However, after a match or tournament it is the responsibility of the organizing person(s) to ensure that the premises are left in a clean and proper state

  2. The clubhouse is a facility for use by members when playing tennis. A request to use the clubhouse for any other activities (which should be tennis-related) must be notified in advance to, and confirmed by, the committee in writing

  3. If such activity includes the use of alcohol, this must be specified

Breach of Rules

Any breach of club rules will be dealt with by the committee.  Persistent breaches will result in sanctions against the member/s involved.

It’s your club!

Tralee Tennis Club is run by its members for its members on a voluntary basis.  The committee always welcomes suggestions and feedback from members.